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Torsion dystonias

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The authors lay before the readers their observations on the pathology and treatment of the debilitated disorder of central nervous system - dystonia. The tendency towards increase of serotonin exchange had been revealed, and antiserotoninergic agent Ondansetron, HT - 3 antagonist, proved to be effective, given once in three months. The descripency of PET studies in dystonia is due to prolong drug treatment, and ourdata of 18F FDG PET study of dystonic patients suggest hypometabolism of some cortical and subcortical areas in the disorder. For acupucture treatment of dystonia we applied Nakatani and Akabane tests and the later revealed deficiency in great yan junction, i. e. small intestine and urinary bladder vessels, and the former redundancy in kidney vessels. Our patients benefited from acupunctre treatment aimed to correct aforementioned energetic dysbalance. We used Nakatani test for matching homeopathic remedies as alternative to Foll's method Homeopathic remedy made from patient's own DNA proved to be effective both in Nakatani testing and in clinical application in dystonia treatment.


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