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Regis McKenna

Real Time: Preparing for the Age of the Never Satistied Customer

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Real Time caused a sensation with its provocative look at doing business in a real time world, a world created on demand, where customers demand instant gratification...or else. Now available in paperback, this pathbreaking book reveals why managers today must be prepared for anything-anytime, anywhere, and in-your-face. We get cash in seconds at ATMs, we watch wars unfold instantaneously on live TV. Technology today compresses to zero the time needed to acquire information, to make decisions, toreact, and to innovate. The companies best equipped for the twenty-first century understand that real time means exceptional responsiveness to customer expectations, and are seizing the opportunities that our real time reality presents. Real Time explores how to create a sensing organization that constantly monitors, queries, verifies, adjusts, tries, and initiates. It will spark your imagination, move you to think in new ways, and ignite a lively debate on how to dominate in real...

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