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A Student Guide to Clinical Legal Education and Pro Bono

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Clinical legal education – the participation by law students in the giving of legal advice and representation to actual clients – is playing an increasingly important role within UK law schools. Pro bono - the provision of free legal advice or representation for those who may otherwise have no access to justice - is a vital part of the legal profession's commitment to the rule of law.This book is written by members of staff at Northumbria University's ground-breaking legal clinic, the Student Law Office. The authors, all of whom are qualified solicitors, have applied their long experience of clinical legal education into providing an authoritative and practical guide to all aspects of the subject, from valuable advice on establishing a law clinic and the professional and ethical issues involved, to practical skills such as interviewing, drafting and advocacy.The text includes detailed lists of further reading and a series of practical activities at the end of each chapter. A companion website featuring useful supplementary material can be found at www.palgrave.com/law/lawclinic

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